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Season 4, Episode 5 (September 26, 2019)


Featured guest:

Peter Durlach (SVP Healthcare Strategy, Nuance)


1) Voicebot.AI Story Of The Week: Amazon UNLOADS

16 New Products Announced At Seattle Event

1a) Best?

1b) Worst?

1c) Samuel L Jackson announced as first celebrity Alexa voice

1d) Overall grade for Amazon?

2) 9to5Google: Sometimes I Wish Google Assistant Hardware Was As Chaotic As Amazon's

"Amazon Is Willing To Try Anything"

3) "Apply Thru": Work At McDonalds By Applying Through Alexa Or Google Assistant

4) Motley Fool: Amazon Takes Another Big Step Into Healthcare

5) Does Your Smart Speaker Hold A Martini Glass?

Season 4 of This Week In Voice is sponsored by Microsoft.

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