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Season 4, Episode 4 (September 19, 2019)


Featured guest:

Susan Hura (CEO, Banter Technology)

Phillip Hunter (Senior Principal, [24]

Co-founders of Points Made


0) Voicebot.AI Story Of The Week: MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT

The Roast of Bret Kinsella was announced on today's podcast, taking place during Project Voice as part of The Project Voice Awards, the night of Wednesday, January 15.

1) Another Voicebot.AI Story, This Time About Oreos

2) Amazon to announce new hardware during September 25 event; Google counters with competing event October 15

2a) Voicebot.AI: Google Assistant Will Stay On Hold For You

3) Computer World: Apple Is Building A Machine Learning System To Rule Them All

4) Oracle Unveils AI-Voice For The Enterprise

Season 4 of This Week In Voice is sponsored by Microsoft.

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