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Top news stories for Season 3, Episode 9 (November 15, 2018):


Due to an unforeseen rescheduling of our previously-scheduled guests, we invited friend of the show, and the person who coined the term #VoiceFirst, on This Week In Voice: the one, and only, Brian Roemmele.

I asked him about the current state of #VoiceFirst technology and what stories were top-of-mind for him right now, as we head toward the end of 2018.

This Week In Voice, for the rest of the calendar year, is sponsored by Castlingo, the voice-enabled solution created by Witlingo. This product allows anyone to create an Alexa skill by simply using a mobile app, and is perfect for anyone from podcasters to publishers to politicians. Do yourself a favor - click the link and check out this solution and see if it works for you and what you want to do with voice.

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