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Top news stories for Season 3, Episode 8 (November 8, 2018):


1) Voicebot.AI: Amazon Alexa turns four years old

2) Voicebot.AI: Google and Disney Partner To "Bring Storybooks To Life" / Shamelessly Rip Off Novel Effect

3) Adweek: Google and Sephora Are Bringing Beauty Tutorials To The Newest Google Home Device

4) Samsung goes "all in" on Bixby

5) Young people "more likely" to "favor" female voices on voice assistants


-> This Week In Voice Presents: Perspectives On Gender In #VoiceFirst Technology audiobook now released via Gumroad; soon to come on major audiobook platforms; multimedia edu version Q1 2019

TWIV Presents Perspectives On Gender (14

This Week In Voice available via:

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Panel for Season 3, Episode 8 (November 8, 2018):


Pete Erickson is founder of Modev, which produces the VOICE Summit and Spinnaker Summit.

Bret Kinsella is editor and publisher of Voicebot.AI.

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