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Top news stories for Season 3, Episode 6 (October 25, 2018):


1) CNET: Alexa, be afraid!

2) Voicebot.AI Story of the Week: Amazon Echo is the most popular smart speaker in the United States

2a) Amazon partners with Qualcomm to make Alexa available in headphones via a new pre-made circuit

3) Samsung to introduce new Bixby features during upcoming dev conference

4) Carnegie Mellon: Sound, vibration recognition boost context-aware computing

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Panel for Season 3, Episode 6 (October 25, 2018):

Dustin Coates is voice search go-to market lead for Algolia.

Marisniulkis Lescaille is software development engineer for Survata and host of VoiceFirstWeekly.

Kane Simms is host of VUX World.

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