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Top news stories for Season 3, Episode 3 (September 27, 2018):


1) ZDNet: It's not about devices for Amazon and Alexa, it's about attention

2) Voicebot.AI Story of the Week: Amazon adds "consumables" - in-game purchases for Alexa skills

3) USA Today: Google's New Voice Is Roku

4) Apple teams up with Salesforce to bring Siri into the enterprise

5) "More than just a name": what marketers need to consider when designing a virtual assistant's persona

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Panel for Season 3, Episode 3 (September 27, 2018):

Joan Palmiter Bajorek is Principal Investigator and Senior Technical Project Manager for the University of Arizona.

Women In Voice

Women In Voice (Twitter)

Sabrina Delale is a conversational user interface consultant.

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