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Season 3, Episode 19 (April 18, 2019)



Featured guest:

Mark Cuban


1) Mark Cuban and voice: getting personal

a) Amazon Alexa in the family: what would it take for you and your family to switch from Alexa devices to Google? Samsung? Or merely to have these devices alongside Alexa-enabled devices?

b) Glad to see you're OK after your atrial fibrillation scare. How do you see the potential of voice to impact healthcare?

c) Alexa made news for having legions of people listen in on conversations around the world. Do voice-first privacy or data security issues concern you, as a celebrity and billionaire?

d) You've noted that your hunger to start new businesses has waned with your age and wealth and desire to spend time with family. If you were inclined, however, name 3 voice-oriented businesses you'd start today.

e) Conversely, name a voice-oriented business you would advise others to avoid, or not start, because it wouldn't work.

2) The Voice of the Car Summit just wrapped up in San Francisco. Describe your interest in using voice tech in the car, and what features you want to see the most.

3) The Voice of Hospitality Summit takes place June 4 in Dallas. Between restaurants, hotels, retail, and travel, name the one area you think voice will impact the most, and why.

4) Will Apple ever catch up with Siri?

5) It's rumored you may run for President. It seems voice assistants have to be politicians too, these days. What advice would you give to tech giants that have to navigate issues with voice and AI that may anger people?

This episode of This Week In Voice is sponsored by Microsoft, which will also be the exclusive sponsor of Season 4 this fall.

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