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Season 3, Episode 15 (February 21, 2019):


Featured guest:

Elizabeth Robins (Product Director, Best Innovation Group)


1) OOPS! Google says Nest Guard's hidden microphone wasn't meant to be a secret

2) Voicebot.AI Story of the Week: Apple acquires PullString

3) VentureBeat: Could hackers trick voice assistants into committing fraud? Researchers say yes.

4) Introducing VoiceFirst.Community, the trade association for voice

This episode of This Week In Voice is sponsored by Magic + Company, a premiere agency that has helped many top brands find their voice. A Diamond Sponsor of The 2019 Alexa Conference, Magic + Company's Ben Fisher spoke on the necessity of marketers to be thinking about how best to represent their organizations in this new voice-first era. We recommend them for any company looking to create a voice experience or brand extension within these nascent IoT ecosystems.

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