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Season 3, Episode 12 (January 24, 2019):


Featured guests:

Brielle Nickoloff (Lead, Product Marketing, Witlingo)

Lucas Wonderley (Senior Software Developer, SAP)


1) 2019 Alexa Conference De-brief

1a) Lucas Wonderley's Alexa Conference summary

1b) The 2019 Alexa Conference official post-mortem report

2) Voicebot.AI Story of the Week: KFC is the first fast-food restaurant to enable voice ordering through India!

3) VentureBeat: Sherpa.AI raises $8.5M to shepherd its Spanish-speaking assistant to smart speakers

4) Quick! What's the most offensive thing Alexa has ever said, or probably will ever say?

This episode of This Week In Voice is sponsored by Magic + Company, a premiere agency that has helped many top brands find their voice. A Diamond Sponsor of The 2019 Alexa Conference, Magic + Company's Ben Fisher spoke on the necessity of marketers to be thinking about how best to represent their organizations in this new voice-first era. We recommend them for any company looking to create a voice experience or brand extension within these nascent IoT ecosystems.

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