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Top news stories for Season 2, Episode 17 (May 24, 2018):


1) Voicebot.AI Story Of The Week: Google Home Beats Amazon Echo In Q1 2018 Smart Speaker Shipments

2) Rise Of Smart Speaker: How Amazon And Google Will Battle In India

3) If at first you don't succeed: Apple contemplating launch of cheaper HomePod, under Beats brand

4) Here comes Bixby: Samsung to pack AI voice controls into every device it sells by 2020

5) "You just hate Scottish people, you cow."

Plus...stay tuned past the end music for another episode of Homie & Lexy

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Panel for Season 2, Episode 17 (May 24, 2018):

Florian Hollandt is Product Manager for Jovo.

Adva Levin is founder of Pretzel Labs. (The Amazon Alexa developer blog mentioned in the episode can be found here.)


Ryan MacInnis is Director of Marketing at Voysis.

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