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Top news stories for Season 2, Episode 16 (May 17, 2018):


1) The internet got bored this week, apparently

1a) The New York Times went and made a "Yanny vs Laurel" tool

2) Voicebot.AI Story of the Week: 23% of Moms own smart speakers, up 283% since early 2017

3) In honor of Homie & Lexy (also from Voicebot.AI): Google Home Beats Amazon Echo In Two Audio Recognition Performance Tests, But Alexa Delivers The Highest Composite Score

4) Are Apple, Amazon, and Facebook the future of banking?

5) "Have Your Bot Call My Bot": Google's Duplex Paradox

Plus...stay tuned past the end music for another episode of Homie & Lexy

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Panel for Season 2, Episode 16 (May 17, 2018):

Emma Furlong is Lead Content Strategist for Clinc.

Doug Schumacher is Creative Director of Arrovox and writer/producer for Homie & Lexy.


Helen Yu is Chief Growth Officer of Clinc and Athena Pioneer for The Athena Alliance.

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