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Top news stories for Season 2, Episode 11 (April 5, 2018):

1) Voicebot.AI Story Of The Week: Apple Snags New AI Leader From Google

2) Amazon's Alexa is headed to ambulances, headed to retirement planning, headed to local news, headed to charity fundraising, headed to the trading floor of Wall Street, headed to your DVR, and headed to syndicated radio ... all this week alone!

3) Adweek: Google + Target = first voice-activated coupon for Google Assistant

4) Also from Adweek: Parents And Families Are The Biggest Supporters Of Voice

Plus...stay tuned past the end music for another episode of Homie & Lexy!

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Panel for Season 2, Episode 11 (April 5, 2018):

Nick Brown is founder and CEO of Effct.



Joseph Dangelmaier is Lead IVR Engineer at Emmi Solutions / Wolters Kluwer Health.

Ilana Shalowitz is VUI Design Manager at Emmi Solutions / Wolters Kluwer Health.

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