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Top news stories for Episode 7 (August 17, 2017):

1) Google Home can now call phone numbers of contacts and businesses, for free.


2) Amazon expands monetization for more types of Alexa skills, going from paying just makers of Games and Trivia/Accessories skills, to include makers of Education/Reference, Food/Drink, Health/Fitness, Lifestyle, Music and Audio, and Productivity.

3) Former Microsoft exec: "we blew it" with Cortana

4) Google's messaging application, Allo, is now available on desktop, powered by Google Assistant.

5) CNET: Apple HomePod will be in short supply in 2017, with around 500,000 units expected to ship, total, this year.

6) Report: #1 usage for smart speakers, across the board, is consuming audio content.

7) Ground Control To Major Tom: talent mega-agency CAA partners with new firm "Ground Control" to produce voice-based applications "for the biggest names in sports, entertainment, and media."

Panel for Episode 7 (August 17, 2017):


Brian Roemmele

Brian just published issue number 6 of Multiplex Magazine called The Enchanted Loom. He explores a new AI concept for Voice First systems called Artificial Understanding. Get the Read Multiplex App at the iOS store and subscribe for this and the entire catalog of magazines.

Jess Thornhill

Jess is a product manager and voice designer for Opearlo, which has the mission of helping organizations put Voice First. The company's Opearlo Voice Platform provides analytics and content management for voice applications, alongside the company's workshops, prototyping services, voice app build and development services, and more.

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